General Server Settings

When the server started?

The server works from the February 11, 2012

What is the server version?

- Season 3 Episode 1

What is the server experience?

Normal EXP Rate: x500, on quests Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle - x600, with party up to 5 players - x700

How many points per level?

For a standard level of race (Knight, Wizard and Elf) receive 5 points, the rest (Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord) to 7 points

What is the stats limits?

Maximum number of stats on the server Aurora Mu Online is 32767

Is the server long-term?

Yes, since the openening till now the server is planned to be long-term!


All Events existing on Aurora MU Online

  • Skeleton Invasion
  • Red Dragon Invasion
  • Golden Dragon Invasion
  • White Wizard Invasion
  • Blood Castle
  • Chaos Castle
  • Devil Square
  • Illusion Temple
  • Castle Siege
  • Crywolf (Boss)
  • Maya and Nightmare (Boss)
  • Kundun (Boss)
  • Golden Archer
  • Happy Hour Event


Custom Features


  • [Available] Marriages System
  • [Available] Grand Reset System
  • [Available] /post - global chat command
  • [Available] /pkclear - command which clear character\\\'s murder status 
  • [Available] Level Reset command in game - /reset
  • [Available] Add stats commands in game /addstr X and replace str with agi,vit,ene or cmd.
  • [Available] Auto Hunt Event
  • [Available] Auto Illusion Kundun Event
  • [Available] Auto Hide and Seek Event
  • [Available] PC Point Shop System
  • [Available] Web Shop System
  • [Available] Vote System
  • [Available] Unique custom code formulas for damage and defense for all classes - all character classes balanced
  • [In progress] Items from Season 4 
Server Status: Online
Server Time: 11:02:50
EXP Rate: x500
Drop Rate: 75%
Castle Lord: WASTED
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